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Biryani Pasta 283g

Biryani Pasta 283g

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Biryani Pasta from the manufacturer Patak's is a premium product intended for the preparation of an authentic Indian biryani dish, rich in taste and aroma. This paste contains a blend of spices that will add the traditional biryani flavor and aroma to your rice, meat, vegetable or fish dish, giving you a true Indian gastronomic experience.

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About the product
Biryani paste is a traditional food paste for Biryani recipes consisting of a mixture of spices mixed with canola oil to form a fatty paste that is mixed and used to flavor meat, poultry, seafood and vegetable dishes.

If you want to make biryani at home, this masala paste can save you time and get great taste. You just need to add some rice and vegetables or chicken, meat or fish according to your choice.