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Chilli Peppers Extra Hot 150g

Chilli Peppers Extra Hot 150g

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Chilies Whole is made from the finest and most pungent chili peppers, ensuring exceptional quality and flavor. Our Extra Hot Chili is crafted from premium red chili peppers, offering intense heat and vibrant color. Renowned as the world's most popular spice, it adds a delightful kick and an appealing red hue to your dishes.

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They are usually made from varieties of hot chili peppers, such as cayenne pepper or jalapeño, and are dried and stored for long-term storage.

they are obtained from the highest quality hot chili peppers, carefully selected and dried in order to preserve their taste and spiciness. These small, oblong peppers are perfect for adding spiciness to a variety of dishes and are a staple in Indian cuisine.

To use, simply rehydrate a whole chili in water or oil before adding to a dish. They have a spicy, pungent flavor that will add depth and spiciness to curries, stews, marinades and sauces. Whole chilies are also easy to grind into a powder, making them a versatile and convenient option for any recipe that calls for a chili pepper.